About Us

8300 Memphis Avenue      216-741-1213

Our Mission

Brooklyn Animal Shelter, Inc. has been organized for the purpose of raising funds to promote the following objectives:

1. To encourage responsible pet ownership by educating the public on the importance of spaying or neutering to control animal over-population.
2. To increase public awareness of the proper care of companion animals.
3. To assist in providing a safe, clean, comfortable environment for lost, abandoned and stray animals.
4. To reunite owners and lost pets.
5. To promote adoption of homeless animals.

Shelter Profile

We are a group of volunteers working together to provide a clean, safe, comfortable home for stray animals from the community of Brooklyn, Ohio.

This project is intended to provide a community service for the City of Brooklyn’s residents. We want to have an animal shelter we can all be proud of. To do this successfully we will need help and support from animal lovers and advocates. Won’t you help pass the word about our mission?